Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reason #251 why I love Target

So...we are in the process of moving. Fun. Well, not so much. Packing ranks up there as one of my least favorite activities.

Anyway, I was in need of boxes. Lots of boxes. In the past I have gone to UHaul and paid to buy their boxes but that just didn't seem fitting. So thanks to Facebook several people suggested going around to grocery stores, Walmarts, and Targets and simply asking for boxes.

And that is exactly what I did.

Trip #1 -  I literally walked in and a manager was tearing down boxes by the $1 aisle. I asked him if I could have some and he offered for me to take them all!!!

Trip #2 - I needed BIGGER boxes so I called Target yesterday afternoon to ask about getting some more. Lady was SUPER nice and said she'd leave a message for the shipping dept. manager and to call in the morning to confirm. So yes, I followed directions and called this a.m. The manager said he got the message and had a shopping cart full of LARGE boxes waiting for me at Guest Services inside the store. I pull up to the front of the store, turn on my hazards, get out of the car, walk in and what do ya know! Cart with my name on it and full of boxes!

Oh, Target! Let me count the ways I love thee! Thanks for being so incredibly awesome.

Yours truly,
Erica Miller

Monday, July 25, 2011

Allie Nicole

Julie's Baby Shower
July 23, 2011

My friend Julie has lots of friends. When we found out she was pregnant, plans for a baby shower to honor her and her little bit took place immediately. So a mob of her closest friends - that would like 12 of us - came together in Nashville to throw Julie and her baby girl Allie a shower last Saturday. She must be very loved. Her guests traveled from all over to be there. Memphis, Knoxville, even New York! Congrats again Julie to you and Jeff! We look forward to meeting Allie Nicole Pitta soon:)

Allie's Diaper Cake

Jeff's sister and mom made these beautiful arrangements! 
So cute:)

Julie, Allie, and me

Happy to be there for the guest of honor:)

Super cute 

Hostess Pic

New York, Nashville, and Memphis

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Pretty Cheery Bunch?

Nope, that would be a family vacay to you guessed it...Panama City Beach!!! Haha! We got a great deal from one of Micah's friends. His uncle let us stay in his beach house which worked out perfectly for all 11 of us. I was very thankful to get to spend some quality time with Micah's family. And Hudson enjoyed playing with all his cousins:) We had a great time at the beach and made some fun memories. Here are a few pics from our PCB trip.

Uncle Micah with Hallie & Brady

Our beach bum


getting brave

Bro & Sis 

tough life

hudson and hallie
they played well together all week

attempt at a family photo
it was a little windy - just a little

ate dinner here one night

posing outside by the boat docks

Papaw and Granna with all the grand kids

he loves a good shovel

bye bye beach! bye bye!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Garage Sale!!!!

Saturday, July 16th 
Starting @ 8am

So....I guess some have figured it out by now OR heard it from someone else but the rumor is true.

We are moving. Where you ask?

Hum, that my friends is a great question. We don't know yet. House sold more quickly than expected and we have yet to find a place. So it's back to the in-laws we go for now. They are beyond thrilled.

In the meantime, however, we are trying to clean and get rid of stuff so it only made sense to host a garage sale. Spread the news. We need to get rid of a lot!

Tomorrow, July 16th from 8-11 am
2570 Moore Rd
Germantown, TN 38138

Monday, July 11, 2011

What to do when it's 102

Degrees that is.

The high is 102 degrees today. Oh my!

Seriously. It's too hot to go outside and staying inside the house all day is likely to drive one stir crazy. So what do you do when it's 102?

Hudson and I took a trip to the Germantown Public Library this morning. He likes books and reading so I was sure he'd be a fan of the library. And I was right! He had so much fun looking at books and playing on the red wooden firetruck thing they have in the children's area. Even pitched a little fit when it was time to leave. Don't worry Hudson, I'll bring you back soon.

checking out the books

 cool firetruck

climbing up the firetruck

future fireman?

After the library we headed to the grocery store. Which is one of my least favorite things to do (ask Micah) especially with a baby. But we were in desperate need of food. This time I decided to try out the shopping cart/car thing which is officially now my new best friend. Whoever invented this is an absolute genius! The question I kept asking myself was why in the world hadn't I tried this before? Boy, did Buddy love it and it made for quite the pleasant shopping experience. He lasted an hour. Yep, I said an hour. One hour in a grocery store. Unbelievable! 

Look how happy it made him:)

Pickwick & Friends

Pickwick Lake
Mynatt's Lakehouse
July 9, 2011

We headed to the Mynatt's Lakehouse to enjoy a day at the lake on Saturday with friends. And yes, we were those people who brought our kid;) Party foul huh? It ended up being just fine though - Buddy did great and I don't think he was too much of a thorn in the side to anybody there.

It was so nice to relax on the lake, eat good eats, and enjoy time with our good friends! Oh, and I can't forget we also celebrated Rob's birthday...see Red Elvis impersonation pic below. Well I guess the guys technically celebrated - Freddy T's style but of course. The girls hung back at the house, watched E! and went to bed by 10:00. We're a real lively bunch!

All in all it was a great time and I hope we get to do it again next year!


daddy and buddy 

Jonathan swimming with Hudson

Billy's big catch

loved the steering wheel

Our little captain

as promised....Red Elvis
Happy Birthday Rob! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Family-Friends-Fun-and the 4th

July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!!!! I hope everyone had a nice and enjoyable 4th of July. We celebrated Micah's "favorite holiday" (as he told me last night) with our family and friends.

S.B.K was on the morning agenda. That would be Stiles Beach Kids. So lots of our friends and their children came to swim, play, and cookout at Natalie's parents' house in Collierville - aka "Stiles Beach."
It was a fun time had by all I do believe!

Enjoying a nice day at S.B.K

girl time in the shade

Hudson and Daddy

Emily and Owen

Hudson loved riding around in this

After leaving S.B.K. we headed over to Granna and Papaw's for nap time. After nap, we played with the cousins and ate ourselves into an oblivion. Seriously. Round 2 of hamburgers and hot dogs. And then Granna busted out her famous homemade vanilla ice cream before watching the G'town Fireworks Show. It was a great day spent with our closest friends and wonderful family!

Cousin Love!!!

Grace, Hudson, Hallie, and Brady

Happy it's the 4th of July

Aren't we festive in our red, white and blue? 
Yep. Super cheesy!

Friends watching the G'town Firework Show

As I reflect back on the day and upload all my pictures onto my computer - I realize I have so much to be thankful for.  At the top of the list, our family and friends. I am also thankful for our country's freedom as well as the freedom we have in Christ. The freedom to worship and serve such a loving and mighty God is quite humbling. Happy 4th!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

changes, changes, changes

Since I'm 100% convinced I have early onset of Alzheimer's, I must write down to recall. Anyway, there have been quite a few changes around the Miller house these last few weeks.

Some big. Some small.

For example, our little 14 month old buddy boy is now taking one nap a day. This may seem small - probably insignificant to most - but let me tell you this is HUGE in mommy world! Huge! Just ask any mom.

I decided to try it out yesterday being July 1st. Sounded like a good time to start something. The first of the month. Maybe it's the "organizer" in me....or maybe like I mentioned above since I know I have a mild case of Alzheimer's the 1st was an easy day for me to remember.

According to everybody I've talked to the key to success is keeping your little one busy and active during the time they would be asleep for their morning nap. So Hudson and I met some friends at Riverdale Park yesterday from about 9:30-10:30 followed by some grocery store action - lunch at 11:30 - down for the one and only nap at 12:00. He slept 2 hours, woke up and cried for like 2 minutes, and then went back down until 3:15. I was honestly shocked and of course pleasantly surprised! And I got so much accomplished in that 3 hour time span.

Tried again today. Morning run/walk followed by a trip to the GAC pool. Lunch at 12. Down by 12:30. It's now 4:00 and my sweet angel is still sawing logs....

So that's one small (huge in my eyes) change to report. More to come soon!