Saturday, June 18, 2011

Miss Madeline

Emily's Shower
June 18, 2011

We hosted a shower for my friend Emily and her sweet little bundle of joy that's on the way. I have so many friends due this summer it's insane!!! Anyway, we look forward to meeting

Miss Madeline Seay Quinn 

in August. I am so excited for Emily and so thankful for the sweet blessing she is about to receive. Emily is just one of those girls you know is going to absolutely make a great mother. There's just something about her...I'm sure those who know her well would also agree.

Emily and Me

Some of my favs straight from NY 
Love me some Minkster and Walker K!

me, meredith, walker, and mekenzie

me and mekenz

Emily was so excited about her diaper cake:)

Designed by the talented Emilee Cox

Hostess Pic

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Trip to the Sprinkler Park

W.C. Johnson Park
June 17, 2011

We met our friends Jennifer and Josh at the Collierville Sprinkler Park this morning for a playdate with the boys. It was so funny to watch them walk around and play. Such sweet little boys:) A couple of our other favorites joined us too! Thanks Jennifer, Emily, Nick, Alicia, and Nana for a fun Friday at the park. Since Hudson enjoyed himself so much I think we'll be making a trip back very soon!

checking out what all the fuss is about

a little surprised

Going back for more

Little Miss Ramsey

Playing hard to get for the ladies

showing his sheer excitement

Sweet boys taking a snack break

Monday, June 13, 2011

Walk by Faith

Our women's bible study is currently in a 6 week series of "Lessons On Demand" from some of our favs, Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Vickie Courtney, and the list goes on. Last week we heard from Jennifer Rothschild. I had never heard of her before, but wow is she something!

Last week's lesson focused on Walking by Faith, not by Sight. Several points that were made hit home for me and conjured up a good ole dose of conviction. Let me try to recap. Start by asking yourself, "Am I"....
          Walking by Faith                              
  • willing to take a step                     
  • follows God - gives up control
  • responds with thankfulness
  • perseveres, endures
  • guided by truth
  • willing to wait on God
         Walking by Sight
  • usually plays it safe
  • seizes control
  • responds with bitterness and anger
  • quits
  • influenced by feelings
  • waits on things from God
I'd like to say that I without-a-doubt responded to everything under Column 1 - Walking by Faith. But the truth is, sadly, I agreed with pretty much everything under Column 2 - Walking by Sight. 

You see, I definitely in almost all situations tend to "play it safe." I am the opposite of a risk taker. Strike 1 for me. 

Seizes Control. Check! I like to be in control. By nature, I am a planner. I like routine. I like a schedule. I like having my child on a schedule and routine. It makes me feel good. 

When things don't go my way most of the time I respond in anger and bitterness. And annoyance. I don't like it when things don't go "my way." 

Quits - this one stumped me. I don't really see myself as a quitter but I can think of times in my life when that was the case. 

Influenced by feelings. Hello! I am a GIRL! When are we not driven by emotions?

Waits on things from God. Unfortunately yes. I have this mentality a lot of times that if I do _____ then God will bless me with _______. 

So basically last week was a REALITY CHECK for me. You see, I thought of myself as one of those people that typically always walks by faith but thankfully the Lord brought it to my attention that sometimes - a lot of times - I don't. This is clearly something I need to work on. I'm pretty sure the big guy upstairs intended for me to hear this particular message and I'm so thankful He put it on my heart.

Some other points that were made...
1) it can be well with your SOUL even it's not well with your circumstances. AMEN! 
2) being controlled by your circumstances is walking by SIGHT. 
3) God is your GUIDE when you walk by faith. Much like a blind person needs a walking cane or seeing-eye dog as their guide, our Lord is there as our guide each and every day when we choose to walk by faith. 

I want to be someone who is defined by those things in Column 1. My desire and prayer is to be more willing to walk by faith. Because in all honesty, I don't think this is something that poof! happens overnight. It's most definitely a work in progress. It takes time, devotion, prayer, the right attitude and a heart for Jesus. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Un-be-liev-able. This heat.

And it's only the beginning of June!

So needless to say we've been spending quite a lot of time indoors in the air conditioning. And of course at the pool. (So grateful for the GAC pool and Stiles Beach:)

And thanks to our friends Chris and Kelley Clark, Hudson now has his own "Hudson-sized" swimming pool!!! He LOVES it by the way, we've made it our late afternoon ritual following nap time. Summertime fun to beat the heat!

Yes, my baby is naked. I know it's a bit redneck and all
but he likes it and we're in the privacy of our own backyard so 
I rationalize it as being ok.

um, not sure what's going on here

Thanks again Uncle Critty and Aunt Kelley! 
I love my super cool whale pool:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Destin, FL
May 28-June 1

We took a beach trip to Destin over Memorial Day Weekend. My dad and Dana do this every year but this was the first time for Micah and Hudson to join us. It was a great few days at the beach. And much needed might I add.

Sunny, hot, fun, relaxing, good eats - yep, it was a good trip!

As for Hudson, he did really good. He didn't sleep as much as he normally does but heck - he was on vacation and didn't want to miss out on any of the action I'm sure. He liked the pool and beach but not the ocean...maybe next time he'll warm up to it??

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pics from our trip. Happy Summer!

Playing with his spiderman ball

Not so sure about the water - he warmed up to it thankfully:)

Having fun!!!!

Miller Fam

hanging out on the balcony of our condo 
(fyi-this about gave mommy a heart attack)

Buddy and his Papa

Afternoon fun at the beach

Not a fan of the ocean

Love this pic of my boys:)

Watching the waves

Mommy and Hudson

Playing at the sprinkler park

My little fish

Getting some shade under the umbrella

My sweet boy!!!!!

Bye Bye Beach! See you again soon!


Like I mentioned before, Hudson had recently begun to take his first steps on his own. Well, he officially started walking May 24th. It happened just like they say it does - overnight!

Whoever "they" are...

Anyways, Micah had a softball game that Tuesday and Hudson really got moving. He was walking everywhere at the game! It was so cute.

So now my life has officially gotten a lot busier:) I attempted to take a few pics (and a video) at the game that evening. He's not a pro yet by any means but definitely determined to do it on his own.

Holding those arms out for balance - so funny:) 

Go Buddy Go!!!! 

 Watching Daddy's softball game

 Sweet Lola 

Bye Bye Ramsey!