Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 months

Yep. Time keeps on flying. It's quite ridiculous actually.

Hayes is 5 months old now. Still my angel baby. Gets cuter and sweeter by the day. Not to mention hungrier. He has not been a fan of rice cereal or oatmeal so I don't know what to do at this point. We took a break for like 2 weeks and I am going to try and introduce it again this coming week. I know he needs it b/c he sucks down his bottles at each feeding. So..we'll see what happens I guess.

He has recently learned how to grasp things and he can take his paci out of his mouth and put it back in (sometimes). He has also seemed to have found his voice these days. I think he has the cutest little cackle and loves to laugh at big brother Hudson. He enjoys playing in the exersaucer and on the play mat. Rolls over like a pro but can't roll back over yet.

At 5 months he wears size 2/3 diapers. Drinks five 7 oz bottles a day (Don't tell my pediatrician). Takes 2-3 naps a day, usually with a 30-min cat nap around 6:00. He sleeps through the night...sort of. Usually goes down at 8 and wakes up EVERY DAY around 6 am but since we don't get up til around 7:00, I refuse to get him up so I go in his room at 6 am and put that darn paci in his mouth and he usually sleeps another hour to hour and a half. Terrible, I know. But I guess that constitutes "sleeping thru the night?" Whatever. Just praying he eventually sleeps longer on his own.

Anyway, he is just the sweetest and cutest thing ever. And I love him so so so much!!! Happy 5 months  Baby Hayes:)

so happy!

chunky monkey

bath time

saturday park fun

sitting in the bumbo lasts about 5 min tops

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween:)

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! We enjoyed getting to watch Hudson in action this year. He had a blast trick-or-treating and loved his costume Granna bought for him. He is super into Lion King right now so he was pumped to be a lion for Halloween. Well actually, we called it his "Simba" costume. Hayes also got to participate in the fun and he too was a sweet little baby lion!

Practicing his "ROAR"

Mr. Simba

my lion baby

love, love, love him!!!!

This year we started our fun night at Granna and Papaw's church for GBC's "Pumpkin Party." There were tons of games, bounce houses, a magic show, a puppet show, firetrucks, you know - all the fun kiddo stuff.

checking at the scene and getting a "baboon" from Papaw

Miller Boys

playing a tossing game with daddy


Papaw and Granna with the boys

We then made our way to the Harrison's house for their annual Halloween gathering. All the kiddos ate and then went trick-or-treating down their street. After that we came back to our neighborhood and hit up some more houses before turning in for the night. We had so much fun. The night was a success!

cutie hudson and daddy

mommy and hud

this is what hayes thought of halloween....

he went for the regular M&M's every time! 

Not a huge fan of trick-or-treating this year. 
It was boring apparently and put him to sleep


taking inventory of the goods
please note the M&M's in hand

sleepy lion

my babies