Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pink Eye:(

Monday we went to the doctor only to confirm the obvious.....

Hudson's 1st case of PINK EYE.

Little buddy didn't really seem all that bothered by it, really. Unfortunately we had to stay home from school on Tuesday but I'm glad we did b/c I would hate to pass along the dreaded 'pink eye' to any other kids or adults. It's Thursday and I'm still waiting to wake up with that crusty mess but so far so good! All in all the worst part about this whole thing is trying to put those darn drops in his eyes. It takes at least 2 people to man-handle a 24 lb squirming kid. Unbelievable! Haha. Praying our sweetness is finally rid of this yucky mess.

Waiting on Dr. Mitchell 

Someone likes to look at himself in the mirror

Content. 2 minutes later...not so much. 
He knows who Dr. Mitchell is and instantly starts crying when he sees her:( 

Monday, January 16, 2012


That would be our child.

In the last few weeks Hudson's just been talking up a storm. It seems like his vocabulary has doubled since Christmas. Even his teachers at school commented on how much he's been talking since coming back from the break.

Crazy. Seriously, crazy. Here are a few of Hudson's "favorite" words to say lately:
  • Mommy and Daddy
  • Riley (sounds like why-we)
  • good girl (he pets riley and says good girl - too sweet)
  • Elmo (obsessed!)
  • Baseball (obsessed with this too)
  • Cars
  • Papaw and Granna (sounds more like Nana)
  • Zacky (micah's brother Zachary)
  • baby
  • Ready, Set, Go
  • Eat, Eat and Night, Night
  • Cheesy (macaroni)
  • Appies (apples and grapes)
  • Shows (brings me the remote and says "shows" when he wants to watch T.V.)

It's truly amazing to see and witness how their minds REALLY are like a sponge. And I am loving it. I love hearing him try to repeat back things that we say. It's insanely cute.

Yep. And now I'm that mom. Oh well! See for yourself...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hudson's School Pics

Hudson's 2011 School Pics
Parents Day Out - Central Church

So I found this CD of pictures (in our junk drawer) that I bought back in November when Hudson had his school pictures taken and thought they were just too cute not to post. Here is our buddy at 19 months.  Thanks Carol Clark Photography!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

*2012* Bigger and Better

We rung in the New Year at our house with several of our closest friends and their kiddos. A fun time was had by all. Good food, good friends, good times - yep, a good start to 2012 I do believe! And already bigger and better than 2011. Well, I am at least...

 16 week bump 

Natalie, Alicia, Emily, and Jess
 (I borrowed these pics from my friend Alicia's blog -

Natalie, Billy, Me, Micah, and Rob

Happy New Year! Blessings to all in 2012!