Monday, June 25, 2012

Hayes is Here!

Hayes Russell Miller
Born 6/6/12
4:10 pm
7lb 5oz

Hayes' Story...

So my blood pressure once again was on the rise around the 37 week mark. I wasn't exactly surprised since it happened with Hudson too. I kept having to go to Dr. William's office and get it checked each week and on Monday, June 4, my BP was 145/90. According to the doc this was a red flag that the good old pre-eclampsia was returning. So she told me to come back on Wed morning and we would check it once more. If it were any higher Dr. Williams offered to induce me. 

However, she was completely booked that day at the hospital so she couldn't "promise" me anything. Well, Wed morning arrived and Micah and I set off to go have our June Bug. I was 100% certain my BP would be up so I was also 100% certain we'd be having a baby that day. To my surprise, my BP was back down to NORMAL! Dr. Williams was frustrated and basically said it looked like I'd be going home. She saw the disappointment on our faces and suggested she just check me before sending me home. Score! I was 4 cm and well on my way....

We were sent down to Baptist Women's around 11:00 and by 11:30 I was already in a room hooked up to an IV and getting started. I'll spare the boring details but by 3:30 I was at 10 cm and ready to push. Dr. Williams was seeing a patient in her office so I had to wait for her to finish. She got in our room at 4:00 and at 4:10 Hayes was born into this world! Super easy, super fast delivery. Just like I like them:) 

As you can see from the pics, he looks nothing like his brother which is hysterical to me. I think he definitely resembles mommy, especially with all that dark hair. So far he has truly been an angel. The only problems we've had are constipation issues. This, however, is just like Big Brother Hudson. So, I know it seems silly but please stop and take a quick minute if you wouldn't mind and pray for poop. I realize that's totally gross but the poor little thing is miserable b/c he can't go on his own:(

Thank you and enjoy some of the pictures of the newest member of the Miller Fam!

me @ 37 weeks

Last pic as a family of 3

Getting started

waiting, waiting

Officially a BOY mom

Hudson getting ready to meet his bubba

Ha! So excited

He just wanted to touch him

Granna and Hayes

Wide eyed and very alert

Happy to be home

Melt my heart....