Thursday, February 23, 2012


We went here yesterday....

I'm a huge fan. So is this little guy.

Perfect for a little overcast/rainy day fun! Thanks so much Hayley for letting us use your guest pass. The CMOM - Children's Museum of Memphis - is so fun and interactive, it's the perfect place for curious kids. I encourage everyone to try it once. You'll be hooked like we are. 

And super bonus* The CMOM has a new exhibit which Hudson absolutely LOVED! I mean, like really loved. If you can't tell from the pics below we are really into DINOSAURS lately. He calls them SINO-SAURS and bless him - he couldn't stop smiling the whole time:) It was too sweet!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

June Bug @ 19 weeks

Like normal, I have, in true Erica fashion procrastinated in posting our "Big Ultrasound" pics.

Please forgive.

I honestly just learned how to use our scanner.

True story. Ask Micah.

Anyway, I am approaching the 21 week mark (on Friday). I will post a preggo pic later but for now here are pics of our little "june bug" at 19 weeks. We stood strong like planned and still don't know what we're having. Some days I'm sure girl but then I change my mind to boy. This week I'm thinking boy. Micah also thinks boy. He says the ultrasound profile pic looks exactly like Hudson's. Either way, we are eager to meet our sweet baby in a few short months. Halfway there - can't believe it!!!

Hi baby! 

Get to kiss that sweet face in 20 more weeks....
seems like forever 

alien baby 

another 4D shot - this baby loves his/her hands in the mouth

little tiny foot:)