Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cabo Trip

Long time no post. Lo siento. Anyway, we just got back from Cabo San Lucas a week ago. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It was a much needed vacation - we hadn't been on a solo vacay since our honeymoon. Thanks Micah for working so hard and making your sales goal for 2012! And thanks Equipment Technologies for the much needed and FREE getaway:) Check out the pics from our trip -

View from above as we finally reached the ocean

Toes in the sand

Loved the desert climate there and all the cactuses (cacti?)

I thought this was so cute. It's the little things in life that get me:)

Famous rocks in Cabo in the Sea of Cortes

Our place. Riu Palace. 

Took a water taxi out to the rocks. This is the most southern point of the Baja Peninsula. 

Just some wild seals (sea lions?) chillin out on the rocks
It sounded like a bunch of dogs barking:)

Hi Micah

We are true tourists

Pacific Ocean Side aka Divorce Beach

The water was freezing, which explains my weird stance

bathing beauty

Getting a little adventurous and went exploring along the rocks

We did alot of this....

I sat by the pool most of the time

a selfie

infinity pool

that would be the splash of a whale

Went to downtown Cabo one morning. Very nice marina 

Micah couldn't resist to get in a game of beach volleyball while we were there. 
He knew exactly 0 people playing. 

Adios Cabo! You were such a treat!

Monday, February 4, 2013


I'm in a blogger rut. Honestly I just haven't had the desire or time to sit down and write and/or upload pics, etc. I don't know why but hopefully soon I'll be out of my funk....

Anyway, January has come and gone. Here is a recap in Instagram pics and pics from my phone of what we've been up to the last month.

7 months old

Hudson looks like he's up to no good!


cutie pie likes Thomas 


fun times in the walker

looking so proud of himself

my little piggy getting excited to eat breakfast

enjoying a nice January day outside with brother

storytime at the Gtown library

playing with the stick

Hudson making music with the sticks

I can't believe another month has come and gone but I am excited for it to be February. We have lots going on this month and tons of stuff to celebrate. Hayes is on the brink of crawling - he has been "army crawling" for like a week - so I bet it will be any day now before my world turns upside down! Micah celebrates his 33rd birthday on Wednesday, Valentine's Day is around the corner, and in 2 weeks I will be relaxing on the beach, getting my tan on! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!