Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cabo Trip

Long time no post. Lo siento. Anyway, we just got back from Cabo San Lucas a week ago. One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It was a much needed vacation - we hadn't been on a solo vacay since our honeymoon. Thanks Micah for working so hard and making your sales goal for 2012! And thanks Equipment Technologies for the much needed and FREE getaway:) Check out the pics from our trip -

View from above as we finally reached the ocean

Toes in the sand

Loved the desert climate there and all the cactuses (cacti?)

I thought this was so cute. It's the little things in life that get me:)

Famous rocks in Cabo in the Sea of Cortes

Our place. Riu Palace. 

Took a water taxi out to the rocks. This is the most southern point of the Baja Peninsula. 

Just some wild seals (sea lions?) chillin out on the rocks
It sounded like a bunch of dogs barking:)

Hi Micah

We are true tourists

Pacific Ocean Side aka Divorce Beach

The water was freezing, which explains my weird stance

bathing beauty

Getting a little adventurous and went exploring along the rocks

We did alot of this....

I sat by the pool most of the time

a selfie

infinity pool

that would be the splash of a whale

Went to downtown Cabo one morning. Very nice marina 

Micah couldn't resist to get in a game of beach volleyball while we were there. 
He knew exactly 0 people playing. 

Adios Cabo! You were such a treat!


  1. Love the pics!!! Looks so wonderful!! Glad y'all got to go!

  2. Honestly I dont think their legit because Ive been reading alot of comments about this company and their sending people bills that they have nothing to do with!