Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our March Madness

Well March is about to come to an end. Not sure where the time went??? Anyway, another busy month! Right now we are gearing up to celebrate Easter this weekend and we have a lot planned. Here is a recap of the last month in pics -

We celebrated me turning 31 at Cafe Ole with friends

My big boy

Love that they are becoming BFF
So sweet! Melts my heart....

Somebody turned 9 months old on Mar 6

sweet brothers

We spent much of our Spring Break at local Gtown parks:)

Hayes is eating more solids these days. This was a grilled cheese.
He prefers "people food" to pureed baby food now. 

 enjoying the warmer temperatures outside

Hud loves to "ride his bike" on our driveway

9 month well-checkup at the doctor

Hayes started pulling up on just about everything once he hit 9 months
We had a good week a half of this standing up in the crib but not knowing
how to get down stage -- I helped him out for like 2 or 3 days then decided
to let him CIO one day when he woke up and did it during nap. After 2 hours of
crying, let's say he figured it out and problem was solved. 

Happy angel baby

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