Sunday, January 30, 2011's been awhile

Dec. 5th actually - since my last post. Whoa! What a slacker. Well, to our defense we lost our internet connection (long story, don't ask) back before Christmas. But yay, now we're back up and running around here. I feel like I just won the lottery having internet back! Isn't that sad? Yes, let's be honest. It is sad.

Micah got a new job and gets to work out of the house a lot of the time so his company pays for our internet. Score! On that note, we are really excited about this new opportunity God has blessed us with. This was a huge answer to prayer. Micah is super excited about starting his new job and the change that comes along with it.

So bear with me. I have alot to catch up on. Anyway, that's the scoop.