Monday, May 21, 2012

Bachelorette Bash in Nash

So one of my oldest and best friends celebrated her last days as a bachelorette over the weekend in Nashville. That was so sweet of her to choose Nashville as a celebration destination, considering the girl lives in New York City. Needless to say I was so thankful I was able to go and overjoyed that I did not go into labor while there:) It was nice to get away and have some "girl time" over the weekend, especially with some of my favorite friends and some I now know much better. We hope you had a great time

Lindsey   soon-to-be   Kelly

Here is a quick recap from our weekend in Nashvegas. Thanks so much to all the girls who came and made it a memorable one for Little Lindz!

LBH, Me, Julie, and Lindsey eating dinner @ Cabana

J Sass 

me, julie, & lindz in our bachelorette attire

ran into an old friend from high school

the preggers getting our nails done - fumes were a tad bit too strong

Arrington Vineyard to watch the sunset

me and erin @ arrington vineyard

Happy Bachelorette and her maids

My Dad and Dana drove up from Crossville on Sunday to have brunch with me before I had to go back to Memphis. 
(36 week bump)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mini Vacay

We took a mini vacay to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach for the weekend. Micah had some work to do in Mobile, Alabama on Thursday so Hudson and I decided we would just tag along and make a beach trip out of it. We left Wednesday afternoon and drove south - traveling with a 2 year old is interesting - so it was a good thing we broke the trip up and stayed at some places along the way. I think Buddy had a fun time all in all. He's a pro at staying in hotels now:)

Orange Beach was nice and relaxing, we got our tan on, and the food was pretty good - can't complain! It was nice to get away for a few days and enjoy our time as a family of three before june bug arrives. On that note, I can't believe it's already May, our last day of school is Tuesday, and we are going to have a new baby in a month or less.


swimming in Mobile, AL

can't leave home without the football..."thriller jr" in the making? 

checking out the waves

loves saying "CHEESE"

big belly

Bucket Head

Daddy and his shadow playing in the sand

Mommy and Hudson

Happy Mother's Day to me!

First Putt-Putt experience

Having so much fun

BFF for life

All this traveling wore little buddy out!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~ Baby Things ~

So awhile back my friend Kelley posted on her blog 5 baby things she couldn't live without and also the 5 she definitely didn't need or use. And because the good old due date is quickly approaching and I have yet to do absolutely NOTHING to prepare for this baby's arrival...

I thought I'd post about the same thing and get some opinions from all of you professional mommies out there. Keep in mind this is only our second go-around so I still feel like I'm in that "honeymoon stage" where every baby item naturally seems essential. Because it is right?!? I'm that consumer.

TOP 5 THINGS you couldn't live without? Here are mine - -

1. Video Monitor

It's #1 for a reason. I have really enjoyed having this around. I feel like it's super helpful and gives me an unbelievable peace of mind knowing not only that I can hear Hudson but also see him during nap and night time. The question now is: do we buy another and have one for each child? Get Hudson just a cheap sound monitor and keep the video monitor on new baby? Or just use the additional camera we have with the video monitor and switch back and forth from channel a to b throughout the night? Decisions, decisions...

2. Sound Machine

Oh, how I could not live without this one! Micah and I even have one that we use during the night and I feel weird sleeping without it. This was top on my list mainly b/c in our old house (it was a lot smaller and open concept) we needed something to block out sound in order for Hudson to rest peacefully. Only problem is...I think we've trained him to not be able to sleep without it so I basically take it everywhere I go. Vacation, school, yes even in the car. I'm pyscho I know but this particular sound machine is small and easy to tote around. You can pop some double A batteries in the bottom and take it anywhere or it can be plugged up into an outlet. Genius!

3. SwaddleMe Wrap/Miracle Blanket

This one I was unsure of in the beginning. However, Hudson ended up L-O-V-I-N-G it and he took well to being swaddled tightly and was a great sleeper from the start. In our opinion both brands/styles worked exactly the same. The Miracle Blanket is a lot more expensive and definitely more complicated to use/wrap. Seriously, it's like a straight jacket for babies. You may get quite a few odd looks and comments when using it - I sure did - but whatever works right? I realize every baby is different so who's to say #2 will be a huge fan like Hudson was but it definitely was a success the first time around.

4. Baby Swing

Hudson really enjoyed the swing. Not so much the bouncy seat. Hopefully this new baby will also be a fan. He took A LOT of naps in this thing in the beginning. Sweet memories:) 

5. Baby Walker
So much fun! This thing was a life saver before Buddy learned how to walk. I would take it outside with me and he would go up and down the driveway a million times just laughing and smiling. I have no idea if using this helps children learn to walk or not, but I do know our child started walking right after his first birthday....connection or no connection I still found it very useful and plan on using it again this time around. 

TOP 5 THINGS I didn't really need - -
1. Gas Drops - I could never tell if they worked or not? I did use them but again who knows if they made a difference. 

2. Wipe Warmer - Ended up taking this back. I didn't really see the need and I didn't want to get Hudson used to having warm wipes on his bottom b/c well, I couldn't exactly take it with me on the go. 

3. Moses Basket - I was so thankful to receive a beautiful Moses Basket as a gift; however, Hudson was NOT a fan and would not sleep in the thing no matter how many times I tried! Maybe June Bug baby will like it? 

4. A million different sippy cups - I tried them all. My conclusion. Go with the Playtex cups b/c they DO NOT LEAK!

5. A Bouncy Seat - I love the idea and honestly thought I'd use this more than any other baby item but for whatever reason Hudson just didn't really take to it. He'd last a good 15 minutes or so and was not impressed by the vibration or sounds it made. 

Ok, your turn. Let me know what things you absolutely love and could not do life without and of course those things that you found you really didn't need or use. Go!!!