Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winter Weather

Hudson's 1st Snow
January 2010

Chillin' and Checkin' out his 1st snow
January = Cold Temps and Snow!
I mean, for Memphis it was a pretty COLD month. We had snow a few times, which of course meant the schools had to close. A "dusting" of snow or even 2-3 inches definitely warrants a "snow day" here in Shelby Co. Not complaining. I love snow days! And as a former teacher, I honestly appreciate them. Heck, I used to get excited as the kids.
This year's first winter weather storm was especially exciting:) Mainly because we got quite a bit of snow and because it was Hudson's first time to see the white stuff. I'm not sure what he thought about it to be completely honest. Some of his expressions were "I'm not so sure about this" kind of thing and then there was the "I'm having so much fun!" look. See for yourselves...

Not too sure about this.....
I know, I'm a bad mommy. Notice no gloves on the 8 mo. old

Mommy and buddy playing on the front porch
Riley too:)

Daddy and Hudson in the yard

Hudson's favorite thing is to be thrown up in the air by Micah

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